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Article Evaluation Process

Article Evaluation Process

1. The articles sent to our journal should be prepared and sent with the Chicago citation system. If the work is accepted, the author is obliged to arrange and send it according to the journal writing rules and article template.

2. Field editors are assigned to the work by the editor. The field editor decides to initiate the reviewer process or return the work to the author.

3. The evaluation process is started by assigning at least 2 reviewer who are experts in their fields and who work in different universities, for the study where the field editor decides to start the reviewer process. The number of reviewer can be increased if different decisions come from the reviewers or if the editorial board deems it necessary.

4. Reviewers are given 15 days to evaluate the article. This period may be extended by the editor. In case of delay or prolongation of the process, new reviewers may be appointed.

5. As a result of the reviewers evaluation of the article the editor may request editing from the author. Or they can reject the article.

6. If the article is accepted, the article goes to the final reading stage. The article is sent to Turkish and English language editors. In this process, if necessary, the author may be requested to edit. With the end of the final reading process, the article is published.

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